Cold showers

Cold showers are an excellent way to lower your body temperature quickly. If you have limited access to air conditioning, try a cold shower before bed. 


  • Immediate Relief: A cold shower instantly drops your body temperature.
  • Low-Cost: Unlike air conditioning, a quick cold shower won’t break the budget.
  • Mood Boosting: Cold showers can also release endorphins, improving your mood.


  1. Test the Waters: Start by setting the water to a lukewarm temperature and then gradually decrease the water temperature. This helps your body adjust and prevents thermal shock. 
  2. Timing: Aim for a 5-10 minute shower for maximum benefits. However, even a quick 2-minute rinse can make a significant difference.

Pro Tip

  • Post-shower, keep cool by draping a wet towel around your neck.- Shantel 

Caution: Don't Chill Out on Advocacy!

Your home should protect you from the heat, not bake you like a life-sized oven. While cold showers are refreshing, they don’t last forever. For a more permanent solution, reach out to your MP about implementing minimum energy efficiency standards (you can find the recipe on page*). Minimum standards could save you many cold showers down the road — your future self and your water bill will thank you. 

Meet the cook!

Shantel Thyer

When not draping cold towels around her neck, Shantel is out and about using the free air conditioning for shopping centres and cinemas. Shantel is a veteran of our Renter Researcher projects, braving summer highs and winter lows, and calling for minimum energy efficiency standards along the way.