Job opening: Campaigner

Better Renting is recruiting a Campaigner to coordinate a national collaboration for minimum energy efficiency standards for rental properties.

About Better Renting

Better Renting is a community of renters working together for stable, affordable, and healthy homes. With more Australians locked out of homeownership, more of us are renting, and renting for longer. But renters are denied the rights and protections of homeowners. We can't all own a house — but we should all be able to rent a home. Renting can be a genuine alternative to homeownership — and Better Renting exists to make it happen.

You can learn more about us from our Impact Report on our activities over the last three years:

About Healthy Homes

We are looking for a Campaigner to take ownership of our “Healthy Homes” work with the support of Better Renting’s Executive Director.

Currently we are coordinating a national collaborative campaign for minimum energy efficiency standards for rental properties. We are seeking a Campaigner to take ownership of this work: managing the campaign, working with partners across Australia, and supervising execution of the strategy.

This campaign is being launched in coming months. We have already brought a number of organisations together and developed shared resources including a joint strategy, shared policy, messaging guide, and website. We are now looking for someone to drive the campaign to success before the end of 2021.

The role will involve

Here’s what your role might look like week-to-week:

  • Reaching out to potential new supporters. An existing campaign partner suggests an organisation who may want to support the campaign. You reach out to them by email, tracking this outreach in a joint spreadsheet.
  • Running collaboration meetings. You liaise with partners to schedule a meeting of the Executive Committee, ensure that key people are coming along, draft an agenda, and chair the meeting. Later you distribute minutes identifying key actions and who will be doing what.
  • Developing resources. The strategy calls for partners to be meeting with relevant Ministers. You develop resources to support this - an outreach email and a briefing document for the organisations doing the outreach. You ensure this outreach is happening in every jurisdiction and support partners to carry it out.
  • Engaging with renter case studies. A renter has shared their story via the campaign website. You give them a call to learn more about their story and see if they’d be interested in sharing it with the media. With their permission, you also make a shareable social media graphic using their quotes.
  • Liaising with partners and stakeholders. A new staff member has begun at a partner organisation and you give them a call to get to know them and acquaint them with the campaign. Later, you call up another organisation to remind them to introduce you to that other person they mentioned.
  • Strategy development. A few partners have given feedback that suggests we need to focus more on a particular jurisdiction. Working with others, you review and update the strategy to reflect this, and brainstorm ways to amplify the issue in that jurisdiction.

Selection criteria

We’re looking for someone who is:

  • a skilled writer and verbal communicator with the ability to express themself clearly to diverse audiences;
  • capable of independently taking ownership of projects, holding yourself accountable and prioritising work for effective outcomes;
  • proficient in stakeholder engagement, good at building organisational relationships, collaborating for mutual benefit, and facilitating meetings;
  • a fast learner with initiative, adaptable, willing to take risks and try new things.

It is also desirable for the candidate to:

  • Have experience with campaigning and an understanding of how to build and exercise power.
  • Be as comfortable doing detailed work or quick and ‘good enough’ work.
  • Be able to relate to and connect with people who rent.

We encourage you to apply even if you don’t have all of the above characteristics. A passion for the work and an eagerness to learn are the most important things.

The nitty-gritty


Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Award.

Social and community services employee 3.1 to 4.1, depending on experience. Annual salary of $62,742 to $72,360, pro-rata. Hourly pay rate of $31.75 to $36.62 per hour. This award includes leave loading of 17.5%.


We are based in Canberra, ACT. We have a preference for applicants who can work from Canberra, but we encourage interstate applicants to apply, and we are happy to consider remote working arrangements.


Part Time, 0.8 FTE (30 hours). Weekly workload can be flexible according to your needs.


Four weeks.

Reports to

Better Renting Executive Director

Position length

Initial contract to December 2021, with opportunity of extension to May 2022.

Recruitment process

Submit your application consisting of a resume and cover letter addressing the selection criteria (one to two pages) to Joel Dignam, Executive Director, before 9am Monday 29 March, to [email protected].

We are hoping to confirm an appointment as soon as possible, ideally for an applicant to begin in April. We will be reviewing applications as they arrive and we encourage you to apply before the deadline if possible.

Better Renting is an equal-opportunity employer. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, women, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, LGBTQI people, and people with a disability are encouraged to apply.