Join 'The Renter Centre'

As renters, our voices can help to change how other people in Australia understand housing issues, building momentum for positive changes to help us have stable, affordable, and liveable homes. 

At Better Renting, we often hear directly from people telling us about their experiences in the rental system. We also hear from journalists wanting to speak with renters and write about these issues. The Renter Centre is our attempt to bring this all together. We want to create a group of renters who are connected with each other, connected with media opportunities, and also connected with the support and resources to help you feel confident and competent to speak out publicly on housing issues.

Does this sound like something you'd be interested in? Please fill out the form below. This is a pilot, and we're still working out exactly what's involved, but we expect something like:

  • we'll create ways for members of The Renter Centre to stay in touch with each other so you are part of a community with other renters;
  • we'll provide one-on-one support around media engagement opportunities, as well as group webinars and trainings on key media skills;
  • we're also interested in using The Renter Centre as a way to stay in touch with what renters are experiencing across Australia — so we also imagine a bit of an advisory role, helping us to know what's going on. 

Please sign up and you can be part of creating this with us!