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    Home Truths

    People who rent deserve to live in homes which are comfortable, healthy, and affordable.

    But as renters, our experiences of home are experiences of uncomfortable temperatures, worse health, and unaffordable power bills. Home Truths will shine a light on these issues.

    Through Home Truths, we'll be working with people who rent in the ACT to help them to take action in their own homes. This includes making home visits to rental households. People who receive a home visit will be able to:

    • make their home healthier and more comfortable,
    • reduce their power bills, &
    • reduce their climate pollution. 

    'Home Truths' will grow a community of renters asserting their rights to healthy and comfortable homes. Help us show other renters that we have the power to make renting better  and we can start in our own homes.

    Anna, Home Truths Coordinator, working with her housemates to make changes in her own rental home.

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