About Better Renting

Better Renting is building a community of renters working together for stable, affordable, and liveable homes. With more Australians locked out of home-ownership, more of us are renting, and renting for longer. But renters don't enjoy the same rights and protections as home-owners. We can't all own a house - but we should all be able to rent a home.

Better Renting exists to build the political power of people who rent. We bring a community organising approach to rental reform, developing leadership in a community of renters so that people who rent can own and lead campaigns to improve our housing and make our lives better. We aim to humanise renting and renters, showcasing the diversity and breadth of this community, and making sure that our stories and experiences are central whenever housing is discussed. Renting can be a genuine alternative to home-ownership - and Better Renting exists to make it happen.

Our Board

Chair - Clare Moore

Clare is a Canberra native and a private renter. They have been advocating for her peers since their teen years and they have a background in science, population health and student advocacy. Clare strives to represent the housing needs of women with disabilities and is passionate about ensuring housing conditions allow renters to live comfortable, healthy lives.

Treasurer - Luke Gensler

Luke is currently the Head of Finance and Business Operations at Future Super, Australia’s first fossil fuel free super. He was one of the first employees at Future Super and has been able to play a role in helping thousands of Australians divest hundreds of millions of dollars out of fossil fuels. He is also currently the Treasure of the Green Institute. He holds a Diploma of Financial Planning and is a proud graduate of both the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

Secretary - Maiy Azize

Maiy Azize is an experienced communicator, manager and social researcher. Maiy is the Director of Media and Communications at Anglicare Australia, a national network of agencies linked to the Anglican Church. Maiy manages Anglicare Australia's media relations, messaging, online and social media, publications, and events. She also coordinates the National Media and Communications Network. Maiy holds a Bachelor of Arts in population studies and political science, and a Master of Social Research from the Australian National University.

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If you are a renter seeking clarification about a tenancy-related issue, we encourage you to review the Tenants' Union ACT factsheets.