The start of 'Better Renting'

Welcome to Better Renting - a community of renters working together for the homes we deserve. Better Renting has grown out of Comfy Homes - a campaign for minimum energy efficiency standards for rental properties. 

I started work on "Comfy Homes" in July last year, shocked by the effect that inefficient rental properties were having on renters (including myself): higher bills, worse health, and unnecessary pollution. But as I talked to more renters, I realised that inefficiency was just one problem facing renters. People I spoke with were suffering because of high power bills and unhealthy indoor temperatures. But people were also facing unfair rent increases, they were worried about getting evicted, they couldn't find a place to live because they had a pet dog.

I realised that it wasn't just enough to get energy efficiency standards. If renters are going to have comfy homes, then we needed to think about "homes", not just "comfy". We needed to change renting in a bigger way. A home is about more than energy efficiency - it's also about stability, affordability, and liveability.

So I've started Better Renting to do this expanded work. For now we'll keep focusing on energy efficiency in the ACT, but we'll make the bigger case that renting needs to change to make sure that the growing number of renters in Australia can have decent homes.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to building our community together.

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