Cool Yourself

If you’ve used other methods to cool your home down and you’re still feeling hot, these tricks will help to cool down your body quickly.

How it works

  • On very hot days, even with other cooling techniques you may still overheat and need to cool down quickly 
  • These tips will help to directly cool your body, but will only provide temporary relief. 
  • They are best used in combination with other recipes that will cool your home down itself.

Tips to cool yourself 

  1. Pick your clothes: The material and colour of your clothes can make a huge difference to your body heat. Pick light, breathable fabrics like loose cotton or linen. This will help your body shed heat and allow air-to-skin contact which will help with evaporative cooling from your skin and sweat. Choosing white or lighter colours will stop your clothes from absorbing too much light and heat.
  2. Spritz yourself: get a spray bottle and fill it with water. Sit near a fan (if you have one) and periodically spray yourself with the water to help get some quick evaporative cooling.
  3. Cold showers: for a whole-body cool-down, try having cold showers. This can work especially well at night, to help keep you cool while you sleep. After your shower, try air-drying yourself in front of a fan to cool down even more. You can also sleep with wet hair to help keep you cool during the night. Your head and feet can release a lot of body heat if you target them properly.
  4. Put your feet in iced or cold water: this can help cool you down with less hassle and water use than regular cold showers. 
  5. Use a wet towel or a cooling scarf around your neck: this can provide you some temporary relief through evaporative cooling and allow you to complete other tasks while staying cool. A cooling scarf can be less obstructive than a towel, and may stay cool for longer.

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