Coping Cookbook Project Launch Webinar

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The Coping Cookbook

The Coping Cookbook is a crowd-sourced collection of DIY ‘recipes’ to help keep rental homes cool over summer. These recipes are developed by renters, for renters, and offer solutions for different types of homes and climate conditions across Australia. We’ll be asking some of our Renter Researchers to submit their own recipes, and we’ll be opening public submissions at our launch event.

Why it matters

We’re about to face the hottest Australian summer in 125,000 years. Our rental homes are simply not built to withstand this heat. Renters are at serious risk of health-related illnesses and have little power to prepare their homes for summer temperatures. That’s why we’re creating the Coping Cookbook: to give renters the resources they need to keep their homes cool this year. While we keep pushing for mandatory minimum standards, this project will help improve resilience for renters now, while also demonstrating the need for regulation.

December 01, 2023 at 12:00pm - 1pm
Zoom Webinar
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