Protect renters from coronavirus: #NoEvictions | #NoEvictions in a crisis

UPDATE: State and territory governments will be moving to prevent evictions. However, it's essential that this covers all evictions for all renters, including lodgers and boarders. Tasmania has already done this - we are still waiting on other governments. It is also important to make sure that renters don't end up in debt and at risk of eviction in the future.

Australia is facing a public health crisis. In this crisis, everyone deserves a stable home.

But people who rent their homes are more at risk. If coronavirus means they get fewer shifts at work and can't pay the rent, they may be evicted. Even those who pay the rent might face eviction for other reasons, losing their home and desperately needing to find another one even as normal life comes to a halt. This would put more people at more risk from coronavirus.

People who rent deserve the security of a stable home to help ride out this crisis. Australian governments must urgently support tenants and tenant organisations and stop evictions now.

The government can do something now to protect renters' homes and sense of security. Stopping evictions now will give people who rent confidence that they'll have a secure home to help ride out this crisis. 

During a public health crisis renters deserve secure homes: #evictionmoratorium now.


I support stopping evictions to protect renters from the impacts of coronavirus.

We are calling on state and territory governments to urgently stop all evictions during a public health crisis. COVID19 has already given us enough to worry about: renters shouldn't have to fear homelessness as well. 

Stopping evictions would protect renters from losing their homes and enable renters to keep their homes as a protected space where they can self-isolate if needed. People who rent shouldn't bear the burden of a public health crisis.


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