Introducing: 'Home Truths'

People who rent deserve homes which are comfortable, healthy and affordable.

Everyone should easily be able to heat their homes in winter and cool them in summer. We all deserve a comfortable, safe haven to come home to at the end of the day.

As renters, we know the 'home truths' about living in rental properties. The homes we live in, often little more than 'glorified tents', make it hard for many of us to live comfortable and healthy lives. Landlords don’t act to improve the efficiency, affordability and comfort of rental properties, and renters have few rights to make modifications in their homes - which means rental properties are much harder to heat and cool.

Our experiences of home are experiences of extreme temperatures, worse physical and mental health, and unaffordable power bills.

Because these conditions are normalised, it can be hard for renters to see an alternative. We often feel we have no choice other than put up with freezing or sweltering homes.

'Home Truths' will shine a light on these issues and empower a community of renters to make their homes more liveable. We will work with renters to improve their comfort and energy bills. We’ll share their stories with a broader community of renters to demonstrate the benefits of making rental homes more efficient.

A picture of renters making changes in their rental home

If you sign up, you can make your home healthier and more comfortable, cut your power bills, and reduce climate pollution. We will help you understand problem areas in your house, and provide you with the necessary resources and information to solve these issues.

As a participant in Home Truths, you will also become part of something bigger - joining a community of renters asserting their rights to healthy and comfortable homes. Sharing your story will show other renters that we do have the power to make renting better - and we can start in our own homes.

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