Make Renting Fair

People who rent deserve stable, affordable, and liveable homes.

As part of the Make Renting Fair CBR Alliance, Better Renting is pushing for important changes to make life better for renters:

  • an end to unfair evictions,
  • a fairer system for rent increases, &
  • health and safety standards for rental properties. 

Please sign our petition and join the campaign!

Dear Minister Ramsay, 

Renters deserve stable, affordable, and liveable homes. I support changes to make renting fairer and help people who rent to make their home their own.

Who's signing

Sergio Morales Jimenez
Michelle Jones
William Mudford
Emily Robertson
Carl Tidemann
Kara Duncan
Alison Crawford
Christine Rivers
Stephanie Mosman
Kathy Ehmann
Darcy McGee
Sam Farmer
Andrew Leach
Ashley Arthur
Carla Gill
Dan Rosauer Rosauer
Benjamin Nichols
Emma Davidson
Christopher Emery
Claire Gardner
Kubra Yuce Yuce
Alisha Baker
Glen Lang