A note on modifications in rental homes

Before you use these recipes, it pays to know a bit about the rental laws around modifications. 

In NSW, a tenant must not make alterations to the premises without consent. However, for “minor” modifications, the landlord must not unreasonably withhold consent. What is “minor”? The regulations give an indication. If something doesn’t penetrate a surface, or permanently modify a surface, fixture, or the structure of the premises, then it is “minor”: you still need to ask for permission, but your landlord cannot unreasonably refuse. We have designed our recipes with this in mind, aiming to suggest changes where your landlord cannot unreasonably refuse consent.

That said, it is pretty wild that renters are expected to get written permission just to use some blu-tack or attach a command hook to a wall. Just goes to show, unbearably hot homes aren’t the only problem renters have to deal with! If you want more information, we recommend you contact your local Tenants Advice Service. You can find a list of such services here: www.tenants.org.au/tu/tenants-services-australia

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