SA organisations welcome rental reform

Better Renting, SACOSS, Anti Poverty Network SA, Uniting Communities, and Shelter SA, have jointly penned this letter to Minister Andrea Michaels to extend our congratulations on the passage of the Residential Tenancies (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act.

These reforms offer crucial support for renters by eliminating no-cause evictions, simplifying pet ownership rules, extending notice periods for non-renewal of fixed-term leases, enhancing support for domestic violence victims, improving water billing transparency, and establishing a tenants advocacy service for individual and systemic advocacy. We acknowledge the significance of this review, the first in nearly a decade, and emphasise the need for ongoing reforms to address affordability, housing standards, and energy efficiency. It is imperative that the responsibility for enforcing these changes does not fall solely on tenants, and we are committed to furthering the conversation on residential tenancies reform in the coming year.