The Researcher is responsible for growing our knowledge of issues facing renters and possible solutions, through reviewing and synthesising new and existing research and conducting our own research projects. This is a volunteer role.

What you get out of it

This is your chance to help Better Renting come up with the most informed analysis of the challenges facing renters and identify evidence-based solutions that will make life better for millions of Australians. You'll be able to explore your own interests and gain a deep understanding in an area of policy with growing significance in Australia. Through finding and summarising relevant resources to organisational needs, you will develop invaluable policy and research skills.

About us

Better Renting is a community of renters working together for stable, affordable, liveable homes. We use campaigning and community organising to extend the rights of renters, while building the capacity of our community to also defend our existing rights. We are a grassroots not-for-profit, led by renters.

Time commitment

The role would require an average of four ti six hours a week. 


We would prefer you to be based in Canberra, Sydney, or Melbourne. However, this role could be done from any location.


  • Reading and annotating research papers.
  • Writing summaries of contemporary and historical research.
  • Collating research to build a database of useful data.
  • Conducting original research for Better Renting, including research design and authoring reports.
  • Liaising with other academics and researchers as necessary. 

Skills and attributes

  • Excellent skills in reading and comprehension, including the ability to read strategically to achieve specific objectives.
  • Excellent skills in concise, to-the-point writing.
  • The ability to understand stakeholder needs and use this to tailor your work.
  • Meticulous and thorough - you should be able to stay on top of details.
  • You should enjoy research - the process of learning and enquiry.
  • Skills with data manipulation are preferred.
  • The ability to structure and author research reports with a view to their intended purpose.

The most important attributes to be part of the Better Renting team are passion and initiative - many of the skills listed above can be learnt in the role. While our ideal candidate would have all of these skills, please don't be put off. We encourage you to apply if you are interested.

Application process

This role is currently open and applications will be assessed on an ongoing basis. To apply, please email an expression of interest to [email protected] as soon as possible with:

  • A copy of your CV,
  • If possible, any examples of relevant previous work, such as reports or research summaries that you've written, & 
  • Let us know in up to 300 words total: (1) why you're interested in this role and (2) why you think you'd be a great candidate.