Run Away from Home

Running away from home is a time-honoured tradition. Kids do it, dogs do it, why not us? Run away from the unbearable heat in your own home and go somewhere better. 

How it works

  • Every year after trying and failing to cool down their house, thousands of people give up and run away instead. 
  • This seems to be the most popular strategy for renters, which probably goes to show how shockingly bad our rental standards are. But instead of thinking about that, make the best of a rigged situation, and go somewhere better!  
  • There are so many places you can go that are designed to be comfortable, unlike your home. Enjoy the temporary relief and maybe even pick up a hobby or two. 


  • It’s quick! Why beg your landlord for the seventh time to repair the aircon when you can go somewhere where the AC just works?
  • It’s fun! While you’re paying $14 at the cinema just to sit in the aircon for a couple of hours, you also get to see a movie! Two for one!
  • Someone could write an op-ed about you. There you are, enjoying the air conditioned cinema then boom! Now you're in an op-ed piece on how entitled renters are for daring to desire basic shelter and, gasp, entertainment! Just don’t read the comments.


  • You eventually have to come back home.
  • You need transport: If you don’t have a car or a bus-stop nearby, you will have to scamper wildly looking to find a shaded spot to walk in. You may have to get a whole lot hotter before you can get cooler. We’re sorry.

Where to run to?

    1. Cinemas: Look for discount nights during the week for a cheaper option. 
    2. Public library: It’s free and they won’t charge you with loitering. You could even encourage them to share the Coping Cookbook with other library visitors!
    3. Cafe: Bring a book, a re-usable cup, and order a small coffee — it’s probably cheaper than the cinema!
    4. Public pool: Also enjoy the complementary showers! 
    5. Shopping centre: You can walk around and imagine the things you’d buy if half your income weren’t spent on rent. 
    6. A rich friend or family member’s house: Time to cash in on all those times you helped your uncle out with baby-sitting.