Social Media Coordinator

The Social Media Coordinator is responsible for growing and deepening our presence on social media both to increase our audience and to connect us more strongly with renters. This is a volunteer role.

What you get out of it

The Social Media Coordinator will help us win our campaigns by increasing our ability to reach renters and engage them in taking meaningful action together. In this role, you'll see the difference you are making first-hand - from mobilising renters to win a key policy change, to enabling renters to support each other in our making our lives easier. You'll have a high degree of autonomy in how you approach the work and a chance to experiment and try things out. You'll also build a track record in digital campaigning, gain a strong working understanding of social media, and gain rich experience in relation to Facebook Advertising and the role of social media in a multi-faceted campaign.

About us

Better Renting is a community of renters working together for stable, affordable, liveable homes. We use campaigning and community organising to extend the rights of renters, while building the capacity of our community to also defend our existing rights. We are a grassroots not-for-profit, led by renters.

Time commitment

This role requires a candidate that is able to commit around four hours a week, with a high degree of flexibility and responsiveness, to ensure that our social presence is up-to-date. 


We would prefer you to be based in Canberra, Sydney, or Melbourne. However, this role could be done from any location.


  • Sharing relevant and timely content on our social media platforms. This includes sourcing content and writing appropriate posts.
  • Creating great memes.
  • Engaging with others on our social media platforms. This includes responding to all incoming queries, as well as pro-actively reaching out to potential supporters.
  • Developing and implementing a strategy to increase our profile and expand our reach. 
  • Driving participation in our Canberra Renters facebook group, including identifying and generating materials of interest and value to the community. 

Skills and attributes

We are looking for someone skilled in:  

  • Marketing. This includes the ability to tailor communications to strengthen the Better Renting brand.
  • Communication. You should be able to express yourself in writing with brevity and authenticity.
  • Finding relevant content for our audiences, including identifying suitable sources and keeping up to date with pertinent developments.

The most important attributes to be part of the Better Renting team are passion and initiative - many of the skills listed above can be learnt in the role. While our ideal candidate would have all of these skills, please don't be put off. We encourage you to apply if you are interested.

Application process

This role is currently open and applications will be assessed on an ongoing basis. To apply, please email an expression of interest to [email protected] as soon as possible with:

  • A copy of your CV,
  • If possible, any examples of previous work you've done in this area (for example, a Facebook group or page that you operate), &
  • Let us know in up to 300 words total: (1) why you're interested in this role and (2) why you think you'd be a great candidate.