Stable Homes

In many countries around the world, renters can feel at home in their property. This is because they can be evicted only for "prescribed reasons" - not just because their landlord feels like it.

Renters deserve homes. And this means the feeling of security that comes with knowing you can't be evicted through no fault of your own. Ending "no grounds evictions" will also make it easier for renters to stand up for themselves and their rights, because we won't have to be as afraid of a dreaded eviction notice. 

Victoria is already moving to end no grounds evictions: landlords will still be able to evict tenants, but only with a good reason. The ACT should do the same. 

A photo of Rowan and Ronja in Sweden
Rowan moved to Sweden to live with his fiance. Recently, when they moved into a new place, he learned they couldn't be evicted without grounds. He says it's an "amazing" change from Australia to know they can plan on staying long-term: "it's our home," he says, "and we have the right to live comfortably here."

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"No grounds evictions" are unnecessary, disruptive, and unfair. They make it impossible for renters to feel stable, and they discourage renters from speaking out or standing up for themselves.

We are calling upon the ACT Government to change the Residential Tenancies Act so that evictions can occur for prescribed reasons only.