Response to Mark Parton MLA

Better Renting is a not-for-profit registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. All of our advocacy is done in pursuit of our aims, and we do not support any political party.

Like most community organisations, we are funded by both grants and private donations. We have secured all of our grants in open, transparent processes. We account for such funding rigorously. Our campaigning is privately funded.

Our "House of 'Lords" report was based on public declarations of interest from MLAs. Should anyone wish to update their declarations, we would be happy to update the report. We also contacted MLAs to confirm their information before releasing the report.

Mr. Parton has made serious allegations with evidence about Better Renting's handling of supporter data. Better Renting has a publicly available privacy policy and abides by the Australian Privacy Principles. We do not share supporter information with any other organisation.

We are happy to be judged on our record, which shows our commitment to stable, affordable, and liveable homes for people who rent.