Attending a TenantTalk

So you're thinking of attending a TenantTalk?

This is a very simple outline in case you want to know more about what to expect. But it's also fine to just turn up (but probably tell the host you're coming!). 

What is a TenantTalk?

The tenant talks logo - a table with the words 'Tenant Talks' around itDuring June and July 2018, groups of renters will meet around Canberra. They'll have conversations about their experiences of renting. The responses from all of these conversations will be compiled into a report and shared with decision-makers to help make renters heard in the ACT.

These conversations will be hosted by renters themselves. Hosts will bring together other renters, at home, or somewhere in their neighbourhood. They'll then have a facilitated conversation. The ideas and thoughts from each TenantTalk will be collected and integrated into a single report.

TenantTalks make it possible for people who rent to begin to form connections and talk about our shared experiences. This means we can identify what we want to change, and begin a process to work towards that. And it can all happen around a kitchen table!

What to expect

The TenantTalk is basically just a chance to hang out and discuss your experiences of renting. 

However, the conversation will follow a certain structure. The discussion will cover:

  • What do you like about renting?
  • Stability: evictions, the risk of having to move, and issues with bonds and leases.
  • Affordability: the cost of renting and the availability of properties.
  • Liveability: the quality of homes and the rights that you have as a renter.

If you want, you can read through the entire agenda outline here.

How you can make the host's life easier

We're very grateful to the hosts for making TenantTalks happen and you can help to make their life easier:

  • Please arrive on time! If you are punctual it will be easier for the host to run the event as planned.
  • Think about your experiences that you could share. 
  • At the TenantTalk, follow the ground rules:
    • Everyone is entitled to have a say.
    • We will make an effort to listen to one another.
    • It’s OK to disagree – this process is about hearing all our different opinions and experiences.
    • Please do share your experiences, and make sure that others have a chance to share too.

What else?

TenantTalks are a project of Better Renting, a community of renters working together for stable, affordable, liveable homes. If you'd like to be part of this, please sign up or join our Facebook group for Canberra Renters