What's at stake

As part of the Make Renting Fair CBR Alliance, Better Renting is pushing for three crucial changes so that people who rent in the ACT can have stable, affordable, and safe homes:


End unfair evictions

Unfair evictions mean that renters can't make a decent home and can't exercise their rights because they are afraid of losing the roof over their head.

The ACT Government should end unfair evictions, so that landlords can only evict tenants for particular reasons, prescribed in the law.

A fairer system for rent increases

Any rent increase beyond the cost of living should only be allowed if it is approved by the Tribunal.

This will provide renters with greater affordability, and landlords will still have predictable returns on their investment, that will increase in line with the cost of living. If a greater increase is reasonable - such as if the landlord improves the property - then there is a process to approve this.

Minimum health and safety standards

Your back pool must have a fence. Your car must be roadworthy. And yet, if you rent, your home could be making you or your family sick, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Rental properties should be required to meet minimum standards so that they are safe and healthy to live in. Landlords are running a small business - and their customers need to be safe.

You can help us win

Your support can make the difference in this campaign and help to win better renting laws for everyone renting in the ACT. You can contribute by: