TenantTalks Agenda

  1. Opening and intro
  2. Conversation
  3. Wrapping up

Wrapping up (20 minutes)

(10 min) What gives you hope?

This is a chance to reflect a bit more positively on what we can do to change the situation.

"So we’ve spoken a lot about our experiences of renting. Just to wrap things up, I'm interested to know: what gives you hope? What ideas do you have about how renting could be better, or what positive changes have you experienced or seen?"

(10 min) Evaluation and finishing up

Time to wrap-up: ask people to go around the group one final time, and then get a group photo to record your TenantTalk!

Please make sure to ask for feedback as it is invaluable for helping us to improve TenantTalks!

“Ok and that’s almost it for our TenantTalk! We’ve spoken about renting in Canberra, about stability, affordability, and liveability. Just to wrap up, we’ll go around the group one more time. I'd like you to share one piece of feedback about something specific you liked or that should change, and one thing someone said that stuck with you or that made an impression.”

After everyone has spoken, please get a photo of the whole group of participants (a selfie is fine!) and you’re done! If people want to keep chatting that's great, but please make sure to formally end the structured discussion.

Afterwards: Scribe check

You're done! Again, please make sure to check in with Scribe and go through their quick notes to add any details while it is still fresh in your mind.