What does it mean to host a TenantTalk?

In October 2018, groups of renters will meet around Canberra. They’ll have conversations about their experiences of renting. The responses from all of these conversations will be compiled into a report to help make renters heard in the ACT.

This idea is simple and powerful. It’s made possible because people step forward and agree to act as hosts. Hosts bring together a small group of other renters, at home, or somewhere in their neighbourhood. Hosts then guide a conversation focused on key themes. The ideas and thoughts from each TenantTalk will be collected and integrated into a single report. 

When you host a TenantTalk, you make it possible for yourself and other people who rent to begin to form connections and talk about our shared experiences. This means we can identify what we want to change, and begin a process to work towards that. And it can all start around your kitchen table.

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