Scribe role briefing

Thank you for volunteering to be a Scribe for a TenantTalk! Your role is fairly simple - a brief outline is below.

During the discussion

Your role is to capture an accurate and comprehensive record of what was discussed especially key words, phrases, or sentences.

Aim to capture the essence of what is said, making sure to use the speaker's own words, rather than to write down every single thing. 

You could take notes on paper or on a computer. If you take notes on paper, leave every second line blank. This will make it easier for you to go back and annotate/clarify your notes. If you use a computer, you can use this template.

Capture all the points that are made, not just the parts that you think are important.

Scribes are not necessarily expected to join the conversation, but rather to focus and concentrate hard on capturing points made Please pay close attention and avoid getting distracted.

After the discussion

Allow time to sit quietly and review your notes. Flesh them out, rewrite and clarify parts so that they will be clear to the external readers who will do the compilation.

Please send us your notes within a week to Joel ([email protected]). Please also put your name and contact details with your notes, in case we cannot understand or need to clarify something you have written.

The report

The end report will directly use your notes to indicate what renters have expressed. You can see an example below of what this looked like for the "Carlton Listens" report. 

An example of how the contributions of participants form part of the final report.