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The meaning of home

In Australia, the meaning of home is often linked to ownership. To make a home, we must first own it. But what if you don’t own your home? What if you rent? 

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Better Renting Submission Re: Treasury Laws Amendment (Improving the Energy Efficiency of Rental Properties) Bill 2018

Better Renting made a submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Environment and Communications, regarding "Treasury Laws Amendment (Improving the Energy Efficiency of Rental Properties) Bill 2018.

Our submission is available here. All submissions can be viewed and downloaded here

Melbourne Renters Facebook group!

We've just launched a Facebook group for people who rent in Melbourne. You can join it here

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People who rent deserve homes

My older sister owns a house. Whenever I visit, I’m struck by how nice it is to own a home. She and her husband have made upgrades. They’ve started a garden. When they recently had a son, they could readily make modifications to make the house safer and more comfortable for their baby.

I have this yearning too – to be able to make a place my own. To have a home, to make it an expression of who I am, to put down roots in a community.

It’s not uncommon for people like me, who rent, to harbour such desires. In our current system, you’d be mad to want to be a renter forever. But is it ownership that renters are after? Or just decent homes?

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Frozen out: The Burden of Energy Deficiency on People who Rent

Rental properties are ‘energy deficient’: the lack of energy efficiency places a burden on renters in the form of increased energy expenditure or harmful indoor temperatures. This report estimates the monetary value of this burden by calculating the worth of the thermal energy that energy deficient rental properties lack. Drawing upon six years of real estate data, we calculate the annual burden of energy deficiency in the ACT to be $39 million. The burden is particularly heavy for vulnerable renters, such as those on a low-income or living with disability. This analysis strengthens the arguments for minimum energy efficiency standards for rental properties.

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Renters need collective solutions

New players in the private rental sector claim to make things better for renters. In reality, they benefit certain renters at the expense of others. What we really need are structural solutions.

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Media release: Renters welcome Government caution on commercial guarantees

Renters rights organisation Better Renting has come out in support of the ACT Government’s move to delay commercial guarantees, just days after regulations came into effect to allow their operation.

Joel Dignam, Director of Better Renting, welcomed the decision. “We’ve been hearing from renters concerned about facing additional costs just to secure a roof over their head. We applaud the Government’s responsiveness to community concern on this issue.”

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What do you think about ‘bond guarantees’?

From 7 May 2018, landlords in the ACT now have the option to ask for a ‘bond guarantee’ instead of a bond. This change might take you by surprise, and it’s not exactly clear what it will mean for peolpe who rent. We want to provide an update on what’s coming and hear your views or concerns.

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Four in ten Canberra rentals score worst energy efficiency rating

More than four in ten Canberra rental properties have the lowest-possible energy efficiency rating of zero, according to a new report released today.

The report by new renter organisation Better Renting compared advertised Energy Efficiency Ratings for properties for sale and for rent through January and February. It found that 43% of rated rental properties had a rating of 0, compared with just 4% of properties for sale.

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Media Release: New renters' organisation calls for action as UK rental standards come into effect

A new renters advocacy organisation in the ACT is calling for minimum rental standards as new laws come into effect in the UK requiring rental properties to meet minimum energy efficiency standards.

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Better Renting submission on 'Housing Choices'

Planning decisions in the ACT will affect housing affordability and quality of life for renters and other citizens. Better Renting made a submission to the recent 'Housing Choices' inquiry to contribute to the planning conversation in the ACT. Our submission can be downloaded here.

A glimpse of renting in Australia

In just this last week, we've heard stories from renters that give a grim picture of what renting is like for renters in Australia today, covering issues of bond-theft, energy-inefficiency, homelessness, and negligence. 

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The start of 'Better Renting'

Welcome to Better Renting - a community of renters working together for the homes we deserve. Better Renting has grown out of Comfy Homes - a campaign for minimum energy efficiency standards for rental properties. 

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Derelict properties are harming the health of renters

A 2016 journal article on housing and health data in Australia confirms what many renters probably know from experience: that Australian renters live in properties that are in worse condition, and this is bad for their health.

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