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Better Renting submission on 'Housing Choices'

Planning decisions in the ACT will affect housing affordability and quality of life for renters and other citizens. Better Renting made a submission to the recent 'Housing Choices' inquiry to contribute to the planning conversation in the ACT. Our submission can be downloaded here.

A glimpse of renting in Australia

In just this last week, we've heard stories from renters that give a grim picture of what renting is like for renters in Australia today, covering issues of bond-theft, energy-inefficiency, homelessness, and negligence. 

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The start of 'Better Renting'

Welcome to Better Renting - a community of renters working together for the homes we deserve. Better Renting has grown out of Comfy Homes - a campaign for minimum energy efficiency standards for rental properties. 

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Derelict properties are harming the health of renters

A 2016 journal article on housing and health data in Australia confirms what many renters probably know from experience: that Australian renters live in properties that are in worse condition, and this is bad for their health.

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